Waiting for the Break of Day CD | The Old Souls String Band


Waiting for the Break of Day CD  The Old Souls String Band


Waiting for the Break of Day is a fresh new take on a variety of traditional Appalachian and American folk standards brought to you by three of Cincinnati’s most passionate young musicians: Zane Thompson, Eric Osborne, and Elijah Bedel. Together, these three form the Old Souls String Band and have made it their goal to not only dust off the old sounds of generations past, but inspire a renewed sense of continuity and relevance of this musical culture to the present. They believe in the timeless quality of the music and its grounding in the human experience. Their approach is rooted in vigorous and energetic interpretation as well as just simply having a good ole time together. This album was self-recorded in a cabin at the Red River Gorge in the Kentucky hills and aims at presenting the listener with an intimate, fun and thoughtful romp through times past and present. 


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