Live and Learn CD


Live and Learn Double CD

Live and Learn is Elijah Bedel's first ever solo release. This album is a product of the 2020 covid quarantine and was recorded and mixed by the artist while sequestered at a cabin in his homeland: the Edge of Appalachia nature preserve in Adams County, Ohio. It represents Elijah’s musical journey up until this moment in his life, featuring a variety of instrumentation and a diverse collection of old time Appalachian tunes and ballads as well as several songs from other folk traditions. This represents Elijah’s first foray into original songwriting as well and the album features six original songs exhibiting a sincere depth of emotion and range of feeling. The inspiration for this album comes from a multitude of sources and mentors and reflects not only the turbulent atmosphere of our current times but also the time-honored traditions which have helped ground so many communities during times of struggle. This album is a celebration of life and music. It is dedicated to the independent and working class artists of the world who have had to persist not only during the pandemic, but throughout the course of their careers. Their rich traditions and unique skills are what give our communities a sense of identity and are a gift to the incredible tapestry of the human songbook.


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